Care Constitution’s telehealth platform advances the standard of care in medicine by providing an objective, reproducible, and quantitative health care assessment that goes beyond what can be done in an in-person visit.



Our system generates automatically the neurological assessement report and gives an opportunity for MD to verify objectively the outcomes.


A medical exam on a zoom call

On a simple zoom call, our solution delivers a medical exam, providing data to the Physician on specific symptoms. 

Automatic Assessment

While the patient discuss with the physician, our software analyzes sound and images to evaluate symptoms. Physicians gets clinical data, even more than face-to-face interactions.

Clinical data collection

Patients’ data are collected during the visit to evaluate symptoms. A dashboard and report is available to the clinician, supporting analysis and an accurate diagnosis.

Features of our system

A unique augmented telehealth consultation, leveraging AI, to get a comprehensive medical exam. We bring a heuristic computing reasoning capability based on a broader, more accurate data set.

Remote control and auto corrections

Patient's environnemental data

Patient's physiological data

One click physical button to connect

High quality video and audio

Low bandwidth operability

Alerts and recommendations

'What if' Brain with heuristic reasoning algo based on digital twin of users

Large database of teleconsultation use cases

Robust and portable


AI applied to data